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UsTwo Blog – “app-itize-us is painstakingly curated”
MacworldUK – “ showcases best designed Apple iPhone, iPod touch apps”
Pica-n-Pixel – “Cherry Picked iPhone Apps” – “Inventive iPhone Apps” – “Nice simple UI, and nice app selections, mostly indie stuff I hadn't heard of. I think he has good taste.”
Communication Arts – “Not like any other collection of apps we've ever seen.”
The Apartment: Broadcast – “BEAUTIFUL. thankfully, has got our back.”
Design Observer – “A collection of the best-designed and illustrated iPhone apps.”
g e w g a w - “a quick look will confirm that he’s got great taste…”
Subtraction – “hand-picked”
PSFK – “a design-minded audiences’ love for simplicity of use and elegance of design” – “the iPhone app blog I've been waiting for…”
Mobile Behavior – “…apps that you may not have heard of or seen…”
Emily Chang – eHub – “…best produced and designed iPhone application…”
Wired UK – “…curates iPhone apps for beauty and design.”
yewknee – “…a well curated App store blog…”
Coudal Partners – “…the best design-y iPhone apps…” – “…the best produced and designed iPhone applications…”
NY Times Bits Blog – "…plenty of eye candy…” – “…beautiful little titbits for the iPhone”

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